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Trade shows!

Must-Have items for your Trade Shows!

Great for Branding!

Take a breath!  You are all set up on the trade show floor and the doors are ready to open!  You’re ready!  It’s time to make an impression and you want it to be a lasting one.  What better way to say thanks for stopping by the booth then with a gift!  They’ll remember you for a long time after the show!  Click here for our most popular selling trade show items!

The Smart Phone Wallet

Wallet Badge Holder


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Premium Products for Golf Outings!

It’s that time of year again!  People are stomping around in flip flops, the smell of fresh cut grass, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, may be sand getting stuck on your toes and music echoing from the ice-cream truck just a few blocks away … all of this brings us back to that special time called summer!

So, the signs of summer are here and that means golf outings for a lot of organizations and corporations!  The Promo Cafe knows you need to get ready to play a round of 18 holes!  We want you to have those must haves of the golf season … why not?  You should look great on the course … make it a day of catching up with new and old friends.  Perhaps end the day with dinner and drinks on the patio.  Sound great?  Well, make it even better …  make the day memorable with golf promotional products!

Golfer’s Gift Box                                                                                        Golf Kit in Carabiner Bag

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